Agricultural Commodity Futures and Stock Market:

Evidence from RSS3 Futures in Thailand


  • Yaowaluk Techarongrojwong Thammasat University, Thailand
  • Pathathai Sinliamthong Assumption University, Thailand
  • Rattana Waranyasathit Assumption University, Thailand


Diversification, Commodity Futures, Agricultural Product, Hedging


This study aims to examine the role of RSS3 Futures as the hedge for stock market in Thailand. The data is collected from May 28, 2004 until December 31, 2015, which includes totally 2,833 trading days. The results show that there is no relationship between RSS3 Futures and the stock market implying that RSS3 Futures can be the hedge for stock market in general. However, RSS3 Futures is not the candidate for safe haven of stock market because it shows no hedge property during the period of extremely negative stock returns. The result implies investors in Thailand, especially stock investors, should consider adding RSS3 Futures in their optimal portfolio because it clearly shows that RSS3 Futures can help in diversifying the risk, especially during the periods of stock market downturn.