Submission Ethics


The articles submitted must be original, not published in whole or part in English or any other language elsewhere, and not currently under consideration with a different journal. Exceptions are if the article was in whole or part published as an academic thesis, a conference abstract, or in a conference's proceedings, given the author(s) retain the copyright.  Please give us the necessary details in your accompanying letter, otherwise your submission may be declined. The corresponding author shall be responsible for obtaining the consent of all co-authors.

Proper referencing is required. All ideas of others must be properly referenced. Plagiarised work will not be published. If plagiarism is detected after publication, the published paper will be retracted but this retraction will stay visible on the website.

All grant or fund providers, and any other conflicts of interests, must be disclosed at the end of the paper in Acknowledgements.

All listed authors are assumed to have contributed to the submitted work. Should any of the authors learn of a mistake in the published work, they must contact the journal so that a correction can be published. Unless this concerns plagiarism, the work will not be retracted only corrected.